Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Show & Tell

Luke has his first show and tell today at school. We've been planning for a month what he would bring with him. I tried to talk him into bringing his Megalodon tooth fossil, but he said he wanted a big, green, sparkley rock that glowed in the dark... so we went to the rock store and got one - a pretty green garnet - very green and very sparkley. It does not glow in the dark however, but it did meet all his other requirements. Then he lost it, and instead of trying to find it, he said he wanted to bring his dinosaur tooth. So we stuck that in his pocket and I also pulled out the green garnet and put that in his other pocket, which made him very happy. On the way to school I had him practice what he was going to say about the tooth and rock... and we got to talking about how I heard on the news they found live tissue in dino bones recently and wow, what that could mean for science - they could clone a real T-Rex now maybe - and he of course took that to mean they found a real T-rex and by the time we got to school the story was now "I heard it on the news that dinosaurs are alive and I just know it!". There was no talking him down... I can't wait to find out how it went.

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