Friday, April 01, 2005

Karen Hill Tribe Soul Pendants

I'm waiting for a wonderful and BIG order from a company who works intimately with the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand, who make the silver pendants and beads you see in designer jewelry today. I feel really good about this order, and the company I purchased it with,, as they are committed to helping this tribe, giving them an alternative income from cash crops such as opium, providing education and helping them in so many ways.

Part of this order includes some Soul Pendants, which symbolize an open heart and an open mind. I'm really looking forward to playing with these, expanding on my Patchwork Peace, Love and Joy series. I also ordered some spirit locks and wish pendants, and some great hearts and shell beads. I can't wait to start designing with them!

Pam Thein of Shiana sent me a couple photos today - one of the children enjoying some donated children's books and one of the tools they use to create their beautiful beads. The tools are so basic and rustic looking... made from recycled car parts - bolts and sheets from old, discarded trucks. Amazing!

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