Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Day

No no, not another voice telling you to go vote. Just a cute little story to share.

Last night we had the little girl next door over for dinner. Somehow the topic of today being voting day came up and someone said to her that someday she could run for president if she wanted to. Her eyes got HUGE at this new concept. Luke then said to her "Yeah, and if you were president, everyone would have to listen to you and do what you told them to." Her eyes got even BIGGER and I swear, she made a noise that sounded like Homer Simpson thinking about donuts. It was really fun to see how much she like that idea. Funny to see a 5 year old little girl practically drooling over how much power she could have.

Here's to the day when our little girls can and will run for and become president.

And here is to Kesia, the SuperMutt:

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