Sunday, January 07, 2007

the more I think about it...

...the more I wonder just how lucky I was. Afterall... I COULD have gotten a whole new car out of the deal. So close. That might have been fun.



  1. okay, i think i missed something by being away for awhile ... you must have had a car accident? I hope you're okay! I guess at least your window or windshield is not okay ... yikes!

    ideal would have been you okay/ the other driver okay/ everybody unharmed but your car smooshed to a point that your insurance company gives you $$ for brand new car. wouldn't that have been great?

    im enjoying all your latest posts. beautiful winter photos -- and a glass studio -- omg! how lucky you are.
    cheerio ... maureen

  2. no no no!!! A tree branch fell on it!!! LOL - all this WIND we've been having. But if the whole tree had fallen... Haha, I don't really need a new car though. I can't think what I would even pick out.

    Nice to 'see' you again Maureen :) Happy New Year!