Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This Morning's Walk

One of the nice things about Luke's tennis lessons (besides the fact that he loves them so) is that I have the hour to get a walk in while it's still cool enough out. Today I took Zoe and we headed to the beach cliff street in our town - one side is gorgeous Puget Sound with Ferries and islands, the other is nice houses with pretty gardens. There was a nice fresh breeze and great sunshine - perfect day. Zoe was such a good girl, ignored the other dogs, bikers, runners, walkers, she was perfect too. The train runs along the beach and when I saw one coming, I had her sit pretty and we waited to watch it come through - the conductor blew a hello whistle at us.


Have been thinking... wouldn't it be nice to be a writer? Like there isn't enough on my plate. But still... wouldn't it be fun to write a book? Or a play? Or a tv show? Will continue thinking about that... and what I would even write about.

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