Monday, May 04, 2009

And Another Year Goes By...

Not since I posted... haha, just since I arrived on this planet. 40. It's just a number, right? Big whoop. Renee Zellweger just turned 40 too, same week as me. Seems she's got the same attitude, from the article I was reading today while waiting to get my haircut. Big whoop. The presents are nice though, I do admit. They keep coming and coming. Today I got cookies and a handmade quilted bag - score! Last week I got a Kindle and money to load books onto it. And smoky quartz earrings. And a really cute watch. And a perfect pedicure. And lots and lots of flowers. And a fabulous Andee bracelet - want to see? I love this thing:

So much has happened since I posted though, it feels like a year. Let's see... how am I going to catch up?

First of all, there is Shirley Cook's amazing vessel that she designed around one of my beads - isn't it fabulous? It's already sold though, so don't get too excited. But do check out her others - they are all beautiful!

What else... oh yes, I made a necklace! My mother was in town visiting and picked this bead from my stash... and I turned it into this for her:

I'm sure there's more.... besides the tulip festival (see below), surprise birthday party (don't ever do that to someone you love, folks, ok?), baseball games, gardening, a blooming magnolia taking up my whole backyard, an art room that is finally organized enough to create in... I know I'm missing something interesting to share with you... but you know what they say, memory is the first thing to go with old age... I'll think of it and be back!


  1. Love what you made for your mom! Love the inspiration you provided for the vessel.
    Your bracelet rocks!!!no wonder you love it.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you cleaned up. I love the necklace you made for your mom. It's gorgeous. I had '40' a couple of months ago. A very reflective birthday for me.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'd love to get a kindle! Hope you enjoy yours!

  4. I too love the necklace. Your work is always incredible...beads and jewelry!

  5. Hi,

    The green necklace shows a fresh mood and yet keeps a classy look.

    Best regards,