Monday, June 29, 2009

Burn, Baby, Burn

Yes, I burned myself. No, not lampworking. That would have been interesting and maybe even a good story... but no such luck, the short of it is, I grabbed a hot Pyrex pan with my bare hand and then held on to it for too long. Stupid, yes... I've never done such a stupid thing and don't plan on doing it again. The good news though.... I know, I know, silver lining and all that... is I now know what to do for a second degree burn and this information might just come in handy since I do play with fire and molten glass. I thought I'd share with my lampworking friends so they can stock up, just in case.

First of all... if it's bad and ugly, you need this stuff: Burn Jel Plus by Water Jet.

This is good stuff - a modern miracle in a bottle - it cools down your burn and has a pain killer as well as anti infection stuff - seriously, it rocks. If you don't have it, soak your burn in cold water while you wait for someone to run to the drug store to get it. But really, get some now and put it in your studio next to your torch.

If it's a regular burn - a minor burn and not *that* big a deal, you'll want to just go straight to this stuff: Layla's Handmade Lavender and Calendula Soothing Salve.

This salve is d'bomb. Seriously good stuff. Makes your burns just go away - well, maybe not just like *that* - but it's healing - and works fast. It makes your burned skin soft and cool. And it smells SO good... it will put you in your happy place. But there are more reasons why you want this on hand... it's the best lip balm I've ever used. And it makes my kid stop itching his mosquito bites. And it made my gardening blister go away... I'm sure it does much more but I've only had it for a few days and these are the only emergencies I've tried it on. You can read all about it at the link above, I don't doubt it can do all that it says and more. Good stuff, I promise you'll love it!

Oh and the burn? Almost gone, I'm fine.... really, it was a big deal, serious ouch, and I thought I'd be out of commission for at least two weeks, but I'm typing again with both hands and hope to be melting glass in a couple more days, and I thank the two products above for this!


  1. Thanks for the product information! I'm getting one of each!

  2. Mallory, I hope you never need to use the first one - the second one you will use for everything under the sun though - it's that good! She said she ordered little tins to put it in for purse sized lip balms! Love it!