Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Rock Cutter

This is Luke, cutting a piece of jasper slab. Isn't he amazing? The kid will try anything. Of course, his mother? Not so much. She's afraid of power tools. She can play with fire, but saws and drills and such give her the hebejebees. Glad to see he didn't inherit that fear.

So yeah, the family joined a rock and gem club last night - Frank and Luke are really into it, I'm just along for the ride. Though, if they learn how to turn these rocks into pretty beads and pendants... perhaps I'll show a little more enthusiasm. It's hard work, this rockhound stuff, and dirty... digging in rivers, climbing mountains and digging a cave under an overturned old tree root, camping with bugs... you get the idea. Give me a bead show and a hand basket to put my selections in and I'll be the happy camper. We'll see, there is a garnet dig coming up soon, maybe I'll join them for that. And thunder eggs. Whatever they are, they sound cool!

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