Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

I haven't been around because I don't have anything good to share. Everything right now is a big fat fail. For example:

My beads are not going into space. Space Bead Fail.

My muse has deserted me and there are no new beads to show off. Creativity Fail.

My bead sent to Germany never arrived. Mail Service Fail.

My first ever non-payment sale happened. Etsy Buyer Fail.

My computer and iTunes hate each other. Technology Fail.

Every time I put on flip flops, it gets cold again. Weather Fail.

The weeds are choking out my flowers, and the moss is taking over. Gardening Fail.

I started my first ever diet and get this, gained weight. Body Image Fail.

I colored my hair to hide the gray and the gray is still there. Hair Dye Fail.

My *oh so new and exciting* retail display is spread all over my house and should have been done two weeks ago. House Cleaning Fail, but also Big Time Procrastination Success. Oh wait, that means FAIL too.

So, as you can see... it's probably better off that I stay away from blogger until things improve... because who wants to read about these kinds of things? Which means I can add another: Blog Post Fail.


  1. Awww, Pam.. Don't be so hard on yourself hon. It happens to ALL of us. I had 2 solid months of creative and fabrication fail. Every piece of silver I touched ended up in the scrap bin and that's a very expensive money/supply management fail. My house is a wreck daily and my wee little 3 year old wood sprite of a daughter is the worst mischief maker ever....mother fail. In any case, i had many days just like're not alone. XXOO. It WILL get better. <3

  2. just think, Darling. There's only one way to go and that is UP!


  3. We should talk. Maybe my last month can make you feel better :)

    Things can only look up!

    Space isn't a particularly interesting place from where I stand... your beads are better off. Your muse is somewhere tropical, recharging, and will be back with more beautiful blues and betweens! ... and you now have one more bead to sell than you thought you did!

    Flip flops are bad for your feet anyway, weeds and moss are often prettier than garden plants, your body is just rebelling against healthy food and will soon see the right of things and grey makes you look distinguished and wise.

  4. Pam - just stop and chill. Don't try and be creative (etc) when everything is telling you to just rest. Go to the library, check out some books and just do some reading, relaxing and then everything will come right in its own time. You can't force it when its just not happening for you.

    Hugs, V x

  5. Oh Pam, it's not gonna last forever, probably not even for another day. It's nature's way of telling you to step back, take a mini vacation (beach? hike?), or maybe watch some awful TV (Bravo is good for that) until it passes.

    But I'd recommend staying away from the flip flops. We don't need any more cold and rain!

    And hey, gray is the new black! OK, not convincing from a "highlighting" junkie...but maybe you should try again.

    Hang in there! Maybe we should all share our own fails so you won't feel so alone - there have been plenty lately in between the lines of our blogs. Here's one for you. I decided I needed a magnifying mirror because one day I noticed that my mascara was awfully messy and my eyes are not what they used to be for that kind of detailed work. So I buy one and all of a sudden I'm back at the store shopping for pore minimizing treatments - Holy Moses the things I saw in that mirror that I didn't like, lol! And all of my bead pictures were coming out crappy because every time I zoomed in on a bead I found a problem with them (invisible to the naked eye maybe, but not to the macro lens). Toss the bead, avoid the torch. And so it goes. You just have to laugh.

    So, you're not alone. Oh yeah, today was garbage day and after the haulers came somebody decided it would be nice to put two half full (large) Jamba Juice cups in our empty can. I picked it up, thinking it was empty, and hoisted it into my car on its side like I always do, and all this pink liquid came running out into the back of my Prius. Nice. Probably the same person who one time thought it would be fun to put some used motor oil in our can.

    And I have moss growing on everything that's not moving too! When it gets warmer I'm going to blast it away with the pressure washer and it will all be better. Until then, I'm just going to take lots of pictures of the pretty green moss. ;-)

  6. Pam, I agree with everyone, and I'd like to say, never list your fails, only your wins. There are always wins to be found, no matter how your day goes.
    And here is a link to a great use of moss that I just stumbled upon an hour ago. It includes glass, so it must be for you :)

  7. LOL you guys, I know, it's a pity party, but I was trying to make it a little funny. I mean, if you don't laugh, you'll just cry, right?

    But yeah. I can put a positive spin on some of that. Maybe. Maybe I'll try a re-do post.

    Patty, thanks for the hint NOT to get a powerful mirror! I am sure I need one though. Except, I've been suspecting that I'm missing half my eyelashes... and a mirror would just confirm that sadness. And oh, poor Prius. Ick. Highlights... now there is an idea. I wonder if that would just totally fry my hair out though? I should go find a new stylist.

    Melanie, I HOPE your month was not that bad! I've got worse stuff that I couldn't even get into... this was just the cream of the crop. Not the dregs of stuff I want to really ignore.

    Danielle, don't you just hate wasting good supplies. I used to have that concern, now I just know I can order more. My husband doesn't like that philosophy though... but oh well. Trying is better than hoarding.

    Vicki, part of my problem is too much chillin'. Kid on vacation where they cancelled spring break camp on him, bad weather, stuck indoors, kid sick, me sick, husband sick. one week each. Too much time sitting on my butt at the computer trying to make iTunes work. But you are right, I should go out and make my yard look a little better so I don't get depressed every time I look out the window.

    Lene, my husband would just mow those things over! And it wouldn't be pretty. But how clever.

  8. Aw, darlin' Pam....HUGS to you! My beads, as well, weren't selected for space flight :( I know that it's all about the kids, but didn't we work hard on these? And I suppose with all we hoped for, it's OK to be a little disappointed. But I'd sure love to see what you submitted. Got pics? Mama told me there would be days (weeks, months?) like this...but sheesh, enough already! Here's to your muse returning soon...maybe yours and mine will be on the same flight home! LOL! Take care...

  9. DeAnne, mine didn't get selected because they are still sitting in a bowl of water next to my sink! That's how bad they are. Ah well. There is one that I'll send to BOC anyway, someone will like him. Are yours posted? I'll go see if I can find them.