Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boom! Boom! Fire Powah!

Got the new torch hooked up yesterday - once I learned the dunk-the-hoses-in-scalding-hot-water trick, it went pretty smoothly. OH my goodness! Check it out!

That's with both rings burning - it's HOT. I managed to make three new beads with it, but I will admit, I was a little afraid to use the outer ring - as it is, I seem to be loosing some of the magical Kalypso pinks with just the center flame. I may need to crank down my propane a little to get more pressure - or just work a little cooler... not sure. Need more experimenting time!

Here are the new beads - all hearts, though... you might not know that about one of them if I hadn't told you.


  1. I love that saying...I could listen to that clip
    all day!
    WoW, that is one amazing torch;
    I knew the first one was an anatomical heart!

  2. oh...stunning pam...i love the heart... ♥

  3. Hi Pam,

    you will have much fun with the scorpion. Especially because you have the one with four studs. I love my scorpion, it opens new dimension. I cannot imagine how your beads will go to the next dimension with the scorpion - you make so stunning beads without it. I'm curious about your results.

    For the pinks: try to open the oxygen stud of the outer ring while working only with the inner ring, or open the outer ring only a small bit.

    Many greetings from a cold and rainy Germany