Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Home

And so happy to be here. Not that we didn't have fun and have a nice visit with family after we were done being sick from our flight out... but oh it's just great to be back where we belong. A starbucks on every corner, cool nights, no bugs, love-sick husband, love-sick Tyger, love-sick Zoe and Kesia, new flowers blooming, paper toilet seat covers in the public restrooms (ha!), and a starbucks on every corner (oh, I said that already).

The house has made much progress while we were gone - it has a great new energy-efficient furnace and super-duper air filtration system installed with all new ducts. It has two new gas fireplace inserts so now my bedroom and studio are both warm and welcoming. There is an almost-finished wood wall separating my bedroom from the rest of the house again, and many of the small items on my honey-do list have been checked off. Outside we have a new humongous play structure with swings and a slide all for Luke - it will get some monkey bars added this weekend. And almost all of my flowers survived this trip, I'm happy to say. Frank did a good job watering through the 100 degree weather.

Progress. So wonderful to see. And now I look around and have a renewed sense of hope and excitement about what we are doing with this house that we got off to such a bad start with. I have paint colors to pick out and ideas for new furniture, gardening plans to draw up and so much to do... lots of money to spend too, sorry, Frank.

And my studio is calling me, my art supplies and art books, and especially my glass. A patio needs to be built and then maybe I can figure out a way to torch outside when it's nice. Soon, very soon.

And then there is the beach, and swimming lessons for Luke and the zoo and playing with friends - it's all waiting for us and we are coming. Let Summer Begin!

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