Monday, July 17, 2006

Meet Mustang

Luke has a new pet fish. He's been asking for one for a month now and we finally decided he'd earned it with all the pestering he's been doing. Plus, he enjoys helping Frank clean out Rock's tank, and has shown enough sense and responsibility that we think he can handle one of his own. (Rock, short for UdaBuddahRock, a creation of Luke's, lives at Frank's office, and Luke considers him to be one of his brothers.) The new fish is named after Luke's recent obsession with the new Mustang cars... meet Mustang, our new Crowntail Beta:

Tyger loves the new addition, has even been seen poking his paw and nose into the water to get a closer look. I had to add a screen on the top of the fish bowl before any tragedy occurred. Mustang seems to be just as interested in Tyger as Tyger is in him... if he had a paw, I'm sure he'd be reaching out to give the cat a whack too. I'll try to get a photo of this, it's pretty cute. Also cute, is the Harry Potter-looking castle Luke picked out for Mustang's fish bowl. Mustang is one smart fishy as he figured out all the in's and out's of the castle and likes to sleep in the castle doorway at night. King of his mansion. A royal fish indeed.

In other news, my garden is coming along. More weeds pulled, more weeds growing in, more bark mulch down, not much more planting, though I did plant a strawberry patch which should be producing fruit next year.

I also read another book already, a quick read, fun and interesting, called "Riding with the Queen". A story about a woman musician who goes home to her family after 17 years on the road... interesting musician characters, artist characters, house-wife characters (well, she wasn't that interesting really) and a lot about mental disease/bipolar. Book 12, down.

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