Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Decorator Pam

I found a swatch of this at the fabric store today and fell in love. Of course it says it's discontinued - which is bad and good. Bad because they don't have more of it, good because I got to buy the swatch for $1.99 and it's big enough to make a pillow with. Good too, because with the info on the tag, I was able to find it online and it turns out it's Susan Sargent. But bad in the end, because that means I'll have to pay full price instead of hitting a sale at the fabric store.

To get a better idea of it, it's this, only in blues and teals (this is also nice and would go with the walls in a less matching, more eclectic, brighter, more peppy way, which I found online for half the price of the first one, and would let me bring in some lime green and pink and cranberry, which would be fun too.):

I'm thinking for curtains. In my lavender blue living room. I showed it to Luke and he jumped up and down and said I'd found the perfect one. He was so excited about it. Do you think we are right? Or would it be better to get something more solid that blends into the walls? I really have no clue, I'm rambling... I'm NOT a decorator. Perhaps I should hire one? Luke after all would love for me to hang beaded or sequined or slivery mirrored curtains up - anything that sparkles or has lots of color. My eclectic decorating taste is turning Swedish on me... which is a little surprising. I wonder, is it because it's in my blood, or does the house have a Swedish soul under all these historic greens and golds it's been painted with? Do I sound like I've had too much coffee today???


  1. I love, Love, LOVE that fabric! It is just my style! I've been looking for similar fabric to make throw pillows for our living room for about 2 years now and haven't found anything that comes close to that pretty. The second one you showed would be perfect except the green in it is just a bit to limey for my current color scheme (yellow/red/sage green). *sigh*

    The fabric you chose sure is beautiful and I say go for it! It will give you several other color choices for other fabrics and accessories in the future. Here are just a few colors I pulled together from you...I just took them from the fabric swatch.


    Thanks for sharing that link...I had fun looking through the fabrics!

  2. thank you Kim!! My couch is one of those greens and I have a lot of the eggplant in accessories/glassware. It could work! Camel colored arm chairs would be nice too...

    I love the second fabric so much - I just wonder if there is enough blue in it to make it work with my walls... I could always pick one of the colors to paint the lower part of my walls too.... I like the lime green. I wonder if it's that bright inperson though.

    Here is a picture of the sample on my window - I'm a little worried it might be too much since i have so many windows in this room - that's a lot of pattern! http://bluebetween.com/graphics/newhouse/curtainfab.jpg

  3. photo is here - looks like it got cut off: http://tinyurl.com/zhlzt