Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life is Good, Exhausting, but Good.

What a long, long week last week was. We got the water in. Well, Frank got it in. I am so proud of him. It took him about 5 times longer than he expected, but it was done perfectly - no leaks or oooop's when he turned the water back on. It's clean, fresh, clear and drinkable now. So exciting, these little things!

And then the dishwasher arrived and not only is it super beautiful, it works amazingly well. Here is a photo - doesn't my kitchen look just like the one on the ASKO website I posted awhile ago? Ok, I know, not if you compare them side by side, but close enough. Notice the new faucet Frank installed. It wasn't our first choice, but then the first choice stuck way up higher than the windowsill and took up the whole kitchen. This one works and looks just fine, and fits my tiny kitchen perfectly.

I also got a huge web and print job done - it's the hardest I've "worked" in a very long time. I'm still fried from it, and there's a holiday catalog print job coming next week. Supposedly it's only half the size of the one I just did, so maybe it will only take me 3 days... or so. I hope. There was a reason I quit doing web work... this has been a reminder, and I don't plan on doing too much more of it.

Besides, there are other things I want to do - I've got so many plans now that Luke is in school. Which he loves loves loves, by the way. He adores his teacher, he has a girlfriend, he's memorized his personal pin number so he can have hot lunch, he's learning his letters, and for the first time, is showing a real interest in learning to read (til now he only wanted to do math and numbers). He bounces out of bed each morning excited to get the day started. This is the best thing for him. And me. I know I say it each time he reaches a new stage of growth and independence, but I'm really loving where he's at right now. Going-on-six-years-old is good.

So, back to my plans - which have been on hold for years and years, and if I wasn't so exhausted from the last week, I'd be jumping on right now, with a vengeance. I have house and art painting to do. I have glass to melt and jewelry to make and inventory to collect so I can apply to the artist's co-op down the street I'm interested in joining. I have shopping to do and curtains and pillows to make, and an exercise routine to establish. I've got three bathrooms to tile as soon as Frank gets the prep work done there and Luke's bathroom to paint. And! Get this! There is hardwood under the Luke's bathroom tiles and under his bedroom carpet! I might pull those up and refinish those floors even! So much to do, fun stuff too.

But right now, I've got to clean house and organize the piles of papers Luke's school is generating and go through the past week's mail. And vote - I think I saw that in the mail. And... get this - take a nap. I can do that now!!! Maybe that will be my first order of business now that Luke is in school - catch up on 6 + years of lost sleep. Or just the past week's losses. Oh, where to start... either another coffee or that nap, I guess, because that's all I'm good for right now. But things are looking up. It's all good.

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