Monday, September 28, 2009

Two out of Six

That's how many beads are worth sharing tonight. The other four - eh, I don't want to hurt your eyes. I was trying to play with Reichenbach's Multicolor glass.... it's supposed to be a lot like the Gaffer Chalcedony only just blues and purples and greens. All I got from it was a copper green with copper scum. And oh, it took a long time to get that! What a waste of propane. Actually, I think I needed more oxygen... but whatever. I'll wait for the new Blue Chalcedony that Gaffer is coming out with. Unfortunately, it's weeks away.

So here is all I have to offer today. A couple of big organics with some of Amy's storm dots and lots of silver reaction. I do like these two. Up on Etsy soon.


  1. Beautiful!! I think I like the dark one best - but I could be wrong. Maybe you should just pop them in the mail to me so I can get a close up look! LOL! :)