Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have a Heart

I've been trying to sell this bead to raise money for Tanya, a woman in desperate need of heart surgery. Actually, I've sold the bead three times, and each time, the buyer asked me to relist it and resell it so that someone else can have a chance to help. (Aren't people amazing?!) The third buyer suggested that I send the bead to Tanya herself if there are no other takers... which I will gladly do, if no one else snatches it up. I just want to help Tanya out and for my bead to go somewhere it will be loved, you know? So no guilt if you want to be the buyer to keep it!!

Read her story, you will see how desperate it is. And how great a job the community of jewelry makers and bead makers has done to get her so close to her financial requirements. Tanya has about $1600 left to raise, and only a couple of days to do so, so I'm throwing this out there another time to see if anyone will bite. All of the money goes to her mayday fund, and I'm offering free shipping.

Her story is here:

The bead is here:

And if you just want to help out directly, the link to do that is here:

Thank you!


  1. So happy for Tanya, and glad I got to help her in a small way!

  2. Hi. I follow your blog and have it on my list of favorites. Therefore I have given you the Sunshine Bloggers award! Stop by to pick it up!