Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's New

First, about the post below - Tanya's heart bead - she reached her goal and will have her surgery this weekend! And none too soon from the sounds of it, wishing her well and a speedy recovery. So glad for her!

Second, I'm still working on the OWOH beads, I didn't like the first round so much... but next week will be better. I don't know about other bead makers, but every time I get pulled away from the torch for any length of time, it takes me a day or two to get back up to speed. Such a waste of time and glass, but there you have it.

Third, two new beads that I do like, they will go on Etsy sooner or later. After getting all frustrated with the OWOH beads, I discovered that Michael Barley had finished his Baleen Bead tutorial... and that perked me up some. I love slicing into hot glass this way.


  1. You make the most beautiful beads!

  2. Oh my goodness that blue one is so ocean-fabulous with hints of tentacles!

  3. Gorgeous beads, Pam. It doesn't look to me like you need any practice at all! Isn't it wonderful about Tanya? I am amazed at how the artisan community rallied around and in 2.5 weeks raised that $12,000 for her.

  4. Hello Pam, I just discovered your blog yesterday and was so overwhelmed by the beauty of your work that I made you the first 'Designer in Focus' over at 'A Little Precious'. I also just read the story of Tanya, I've always thought of beads as magical, I just never realised how much!