Saturday, March 20, 2010

Size Matters

I've been getting a lot of "Wow, that's a BIG bead!" and "Whoa, that is HUGE!", and "Holy Moley, Girl, how much glass is in this thing?" and not enough, "Oh, how beautiful!" lately. I think I've been handed a sign, what do you think? I love making them big... though they have been getting bigger and bigger on me, and I realize, not everyone wants a big honkin' paperweight to wear around their neck. So, I've decided to try to work a little smaller. Sometimes. Not as a rule, but as an option.

This morning I was cleaning my new "little" beads, and Luke came up to see what I had going on.. and he was all excited: "Hey Mom! Your bead had babies!!!", And he went and got one of my big beads and brought it back to show me. He said he really liked these sizes, they were more "portable". Isn't that funny? Portable. I love his vocabulary. He also said he didn't love the rounder fat one as much as the thinner squished one. (One is made with a Zoozi press and one with a masher). I have to agree. He has good taste.

Here you can see what I'm talking about, with a quarter even for reference. How clever! Yes, they are still big, but not BIG. What do you think - are they more "portable"?


  1. The quarter certainly puts the size in perspective. I must agree, I prefer the smaller size to design a stringing project around.

  2. well....I have not the sense of design that you and other artists do I am sure. I love them both but being more conservative, I might gravitate towards the smaller for wearing. I do love them all .... gosh you are talented woman!

  3. Nooooooo - I like them honking and huge!
    By all means let them have babies, but please keep the parents around!

  4. I really like the smaller size. I have a couple of your beads made into pendants that I absolutely love but don't wear enough because they are just too big for my style.