Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party: The Arrival of Ernie

My package of beads from Sig Wynne-Evans arrived yesterday, and I couldn't be more pleased. An assortment of beads of the kind that I would never pick out for myself, but inspiring, nonetheless. Honestly, see for yourself!

First of all, there was Ernie, a seed bead fish with lots of personality, that Sig made herself. And then there was all this gold-filled and gold-plated stuff, beads and a clasp - nice! Gold, huh? I never work with gold... but it goes great with Ernie. And then there were Swarovski crystals - even ones shaped like fish - very sparkley. Some "Tensha" beads from Japan, some Czech fire polished beads, some green seed beads. Amazonite. Inspiring, for sure.

I wonder what I'll make with this? I have an idea... but we will see if I can make it happen the way it looks in my head.

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Oh, and check in with Sig's blog next week - my package to her should arrive soon and I can't wait to see what she does with it. I think I went a little overboard with my goodies... but why not, right? She doesn't have to use them *all*!


  1. Ernie looks so HAPPY in his new home!! I am glad you two hit it off!! Can't wait to see what company Ernie winds up with in the end! ;)


  2. What a haul! Ernie is gorgeous and the beads are so beautiful. I look forward to what you come up with!