Sunday, July 03, 2011

Upgrades and Add-ons

The chickens are still getting the extra-special treatment around here. They are so spoiled, I sure hope they appreciate it!

First of all, we upgraded their watering system. While I love the way the old-fashioned galvanized farm ones look, they are awful. Always dirty and a pain to clean and fill. Plus, they take up valuable floor space. SO, we fixed that:

Some PVC pipe, caps, poultry water nipples... which can be found here: Push in water nipples - you can also get screw in ones.

All done!

We made a smaller one for inside the coop too:

And! We began the chicken tractor. Half of it is done. It's a two part modular model. One part transportation unit, one part dockable foraging station. The foraging part fits in between my raised beds - and this is the part that is done:

The other half needs a roof and a handle, it's almost done. Pictures soon.

Oh, and one more - a cool vintage find I scored on Etsy:

Ok, so I'm a little spoiled too, how did I get so obsessed with chickens? Did you know you can even get chicken decals to put on the back of your car windows... you know, like the kind for your family and all your pets? Yeah, I know, that's probably taking things a little too far... even for me.


  1. The watering thing reminds me a lot of what we used to have for hamsters a long time ago. I also like the one Cassie has for her bunny, the bottle hangs on the outside of Captain Jumpsalot's cage and the metal tube is inside for his convenience. I look forward to hearing more about this chicken tractor. They are adorable, and I also have loved chickens for years myself. <3

  2. Your yard and your chickens are just wonderful. I adore that Hen Crossing sign!

  3. WHo knew there was even such a thing as "chicken nipples"??? Lord you learn something new everyday - awesome sign!

  4. I love your waterer - how is it holding up? I sense a project in my future!

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  6. oh, it works wonderfully! Love that thing. Definitely do it, but if you live somewhere freezing, you may need to come up with a way to keep it from freezing - ours froze one day this winter.

  7. Thanks! Might just have to be a summer time waterer fo us (we're in Denver) but still a wonderful idea!