Tuesday, April 03, 2012

366: Day 94

How do you choose between a beautiful bowl of eggs, a rainbow, and a child who can't put his book down even to wait a minute to let the dog back in? I can't. So here are three pictures of the day. Plus that robin I promised you, and a pair of giraffes from the zoo who look to be in love... or at least are having a spring fling.


  1. I have to know what book the kid is reading. Just finished the three Hunger Games last week, have a bunch of books to read, but always looking for new ones to add to the list.

    1. Just Harry Potter! He's been resisting since he's seen all the movies, didn't believe us that the books were even better - now he can't put them down!

      We are also reading the Hunger Games - book one - so we can go see the movie soon. Bedtime reading, crazy!

      What else is good... I'm reading Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman - I think it's a series, and I just started it, but so far it's good if you can keep track of all the names.

    2. Can't believe he resisted this long! Warning, by the end of the third Hunger Games, you may both be depressed for a couple of days. Each book seems to get heavier. Just back from the movie, enjoyed it, wish they had put in a few key things. I love the Beautiful Creature series. There are three, a movie is actually being made, and there's a fourth one to come. Magic in a different light. Teen books.

    3. OH! I didn't know that was a series, I read Beautiful Creatures awhile ago and loved it!

  2. The second one gets a bit strange with her choosing. The third one is a lot of fun that I can't spoil.