Friday, February 09, 2007


This big pile of lumber was just delivered. Construction on my studio starts Monday!

This is where my studio is going, kitty-corner by the fence. One day there will be a beautiful wandering stone path leading up to it, and flowers and other nice plants...

And this will be my view. That stubby green tree/bush will probably get taken out, it doesn't do much for me really. I think it's a laurel.

And here is my studio plan, again, even though I think I've posted it two or three times already:

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  1. OMGosh...I can't wait to see your Studio come to life! I am just in the stages of creating my own Studio and Store...not in my backyard...but downtown. I've always had that daydream of a little old grey building, with cute windows and a screen door somewhere on the property that I can call my own...but I'll settle for coveting yours!