Friday, February 23, 2007


I've been painting this week as I try (ever-so-patiently) to wait for my glass studio to be finished... it's more fun than cleaning the house or doing yardwork, that's for sure, though there's a small part of me that keeps thinking I should make some jewelry or at the very least get going on the taxes... but no, painting it is. And coughing... it's going on week 2 of this flu thing that has been going around. Luke and Frank seem to be almost over it so I should be soon too, since I was the last to get it.

So I've been painting girls of all sorts. Fat mermaids, expecting ladies, and this face that was not supposed to be as realistic as it is... nor as cartoonish as it is... but it is what it is. Luke says she's me, but she's not really.

the girls



  1. Wow! You did those paintings?! I wish I had just a tiny bit of that kind of talent. Very nice :)