Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bubble Blues

Remember the green beads from a few posts ago? Well I tried that glass (ST-382) again with a different clear encasing... and it came out much more like the color it was when fresh out of the flame. Unfortunately, it has an air bubble, right smack in the center of the bead - one that worked itself up to the surface of the bead while soaking in the kiln and now has a dent in it... so darn, I guess I'll have to keep this *flawed* one for myself. No problem!


  1. Love the colour Pam. I am never really all that upset when I end up having to keep a flawed bead, because I always feel so guilty about keeping the good ones. Silly isn't it?

  2. what a beautiful bead. I love the color mix in it.

  3. Jane, I'm the same way, I regret selling some of my best beads, maybe we just have to learn the hard way?

    Thanks you two :)