Monday, April 04, 2011

Breaking Ground

Today we broke ground - if you can call it that. Maybe it would be more appropriate to call it clearing ground. Mud, really. I sure hope I'm not going to regret the location we picked out for the coop. We had an old grape arbor that was rotting off it's cement footings... otherwise, it would have made perfect bones for the coop. But, that's the norm with this old house.

So... Luke and I started clearing the space today. In the cold and the rain and the mud. Here's before and after:

And I settled on a design. Unless I change my mind. It could still happen. But for now, I'm thinking something like this. Don't laugh at my sketch - it doesn't look that skewed in real life! And even less so in my head.

Frank and I will be using this coop as a planning guide: La Cage Mahal.

Luke and I agree that we'll need a weather-vane. Perhaps a rooster would be fitting, since The Girls won't have one to call their own.

And maybe a solar-powered protective owl to keep them safe?

Ok, enough planning and working for one day. Here's a glimpse into life with chicks in your living room:

Oh, and look who's coming around! He even build them a sweet little driftwood perch, which they love.


  1. Ooooh, how adorable is that!!! Love the perch! Looks like a great design for the coop, too.

  2. The coop design is fab, and that little chick, adorable.Good luck with all of that.

  3. Just say no to the crow...Well Owl but that didn't rhyme.