Thursday, April 07, 2011

On the Level!

I know you are just waiting for a chicken coop update, aren't you? Well, here I am with one! Sorry, no beads yet again. I know, that's a sadness that we will just have to live with for awhile longer. I don't know how long. Probably not until the chicken coop is done.

So... here's the progress.

Yesterday, Luke and I leveled things and laid down some hardware cloth and our foundation.

It was a poor job. It looked good as we were going along, but then we got to the end and it didn't line up. And when we stood back, we knew it really wasn't going to pass muster. Or is that mustard? Anyway, here you have it... our bad job which was really hard and exhausting. It started hailing yesterday afternoon and we were only too happy to give it up for the day.

Today, Frank took the day off to help us out. He got us all straightened out and level. Phew. Good thing somebody knows what they are doing.

We also got some lumber, which I've started painting. Tomorrow... more painting... then we start building.

Oh, you want a chicken update too? I'm sorry, but there are no photos... I'm just too tired. But here's what we know. Pippi is the dumbest chicken in the box. Seriously, she's just just not very bright. It's a good thing her pretty yellow fuzz and feathers glow. Frank and Luke were both saying how they felt bad for me because I got the lame chicken. I just know she's going to be a good layer though. She may not be smart, but I bet she's reliable. She also has the cutest tail in the bunch. It's got short stubby feathers with fluffy fringe on the end.

Lulu is a great flyer/hopper. She took advantage of an open brooder (I was getting them some fresh water) to fly/hop to the lip of the tub. Naughty girl, doesn't she know there's a big black dog and a silver Tyger in the house? She's getting great big strong wings, and she's always the first one to the front of the brooder to say hello and beg for meal worms. Right now she's the heaviest and tallest.

Bellatrix is our little petite girl, so far. She's the prettiest and believe it or not, now the quietest. She also finally grew a tiny little tail, no fuzz, just a perfect few stubby feathers.

All three run around in crazy circles when you give them meal worms.... it's quite hysterical. All three have also learned to roost on their perch. Usually Bellatrix and Lulu are facing one way, and Pippi is facing the other way. I'm telling you... not the smartest chick in the box. But I'm loving their almost constant "peep peep peep". I'll miss that when they move to the coop... but by then, I'm sure I'll be more than done with chicken mess in the house.... no matter how contained.


  1. How exciting to build a chicken coop!! I can't imagine such an undertaking. I bet it will be really satisfying, not to mention a spectacular achievement!


  2. It's going to be beautiful, Pam!