Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Week Old Chickens

You know they won't get weekly photo-shoots for long right? Or else people will start calling me the crazy chicken lady. Oh wait...

Here they are at two weeks, plus, Daphne, the "insurance chick" - in case one turns out to be a rooster or some other calamity happens.

Daphne falls asleep at the drop of a hat:

Pippi is a "poser" - she likes to show off her tail.

Lulu is getting BIG. She's sweet and probably the smartest of all the flock. I only say that because she pays the most attention to what is going on outside the brooder tub.

And then there's good old Bellatrix. She's the quiet one these days.

We are still working on that coop. The roof supports are all on now. Next week is supposed to be mostly sunny instead of mostly rainy, so maybe we will finish it up.


  1. There is nothing sweeter than pictures of little baby chicks!! So glad you explained Daphne falls asleep at the drop of a hat. My first thought when I saw that photo was 'oh no, she's gone to that chicken coop in the sky'. Phew, thankfully not!!

    Your coop looks like it's going to be a very stylish one!!

  2. The coop is really looking good.
    Years ago I had a friend who grew up on a chicken farm. As a child they would hypnotise the chooks by stroking them between the eyes ( think this is correct- it was a LONG time ago!) with the result that the chickens would then fall asleep. She and her brother would do it to MANY chickens at a time; don't think her parents were impressed!

  3. Pippi is a poser, likes to show off her tail huh, sounds like a rooster to me...I'm just sayin!! :)

    They are all so cute, love how Daphne just crashes in your hand like that, so funny!

  4. Beautiful birds and cool looking coop! You're ahead of me on the coop, giving me motivation as my birds are older and bigger. Yikes! Thanks for following! Love having folks near me that are interested in the same things!