Thursday, June 02, 2011

Garden Time!

Well, that was fun. The chicken coop, I mean. I'm so glad so many of you enjoyed watching along - though I'm sorry it took so long! But it's done now... and things are quite... quiet out there. The chickies are really too easy now, I just open the door in the morning and let them out, put out some food and fresh water and walk away. Later on in the day I pull up some grass and weeds and toss them in the run for them to play with and eat. Later on I freshen up their bedding in the coop (takes less than 2 minutes) and make sure they have enough food and water in there... and then around 7 or 8 they just put themselves to bed and I go shut the door... and freshen up their run, which takes 5 to 10 minutes and is not so fun, I'll admit. I need to figure out how to make that part better.... a long handled kitty litter scoop? Maybe. But really, all in all too easy and not very exciting. Though I love having chickens in my back yard! Perhaps I need to get started on that chicken tractor so I can chase the chickens around the yard and try to tell them where they are supposed to be? Hmn... that sounds exciting! Maybe in a few weeks. I've got gardening to do first.

It's my favorite time in my yard, just about everything is in bloom right now, and I've been weeding like crazy. I'll never get it all done, I know, but I think I'm the closest I've been any spring so far. Luke is even learning to mow! Garden bed borders are getting moved around, some plants I haven't been loving are being removed, new things planted... flowers and shrubs, yes, but also lettuce, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries all growing. My spinach keeps failing me and I'm not sure about this burying the potato stems thing yet... I don't think there is enough dirt in the world to keep up with how fast those guys are growing. I'm thinking about a fence around my garden and a blueberry hedge. And I need to cover the strawberries so the birds don't get them before I do this year. So much to do!


  1. Your garden is beautiful! As for the chickens, I'm envious of your run. I can't fit one it due to my compost bins, thus the tractor. It's more work, but hopefully not much more.

    Enjoy your garden, you've earned it!

  2. Hopefully I will be able to post - I have been having trouble posting comments to blogs - sure hope they fix it soon. Someone said to post anonymously - will try that.
    I love the chicken coop - it looks like such a fun place for the chickens.
    Your garden looks lovely and lush.
    Jane Perala

  3. Here's my answer that I posted on my blog post, but I'll post it here since I don't expect you will hang out there...

    Pam, yes, the tractor is here to stay, though will be continually updated as needed and vacant. I have no run other than the 18 SF under the coop, so they'll be in the tractor every day, pretty much from morning til dusk. As for the roof, for now a 6x8 tarp is sufficient. I have some corregated plastic I may use for permanent walls on approximately 1/3 of the tractor, under which will eventually hold a small nesting box in the top. Everything I do will be to keep it light but functional.

    As for getting them in and out, it's one by one. My youngest is good at corralling them for me as he's short enough to walk around in there. When the coop is done, I plan to walk them over to the coop in the tractor, then open the doors and let them walk in to the food that'll be waiting. My brother is doing that and it works well. I can't wait to get my coop done as a result. The girls aren't liking the current arrangement.

    Thanks for the comment! Hope your girls get some grass time soon!

  4. You have a gorgeous backyard Pam and I love the chicken coop, it is awesome!