Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

It's after 10:00 at night and I have chickens in the chicken coop!!! What a happy day! Lots and lots of details taken care of today and the girls are, hopefully, sleeping happily on their new roost (I need to go check on them once I finish this post!).

So... the lights - we have lights:

And we have a roost with poop catcher board and a ramp and a catwalk. (Don't ask. Well, ok, I didn't think the "poop board" could hold a ramp so we made it all complicated.) The clamp is there because I wanted the poop board to be removable, and without it, it wasn't at all sturdy. So, big deal, there's a cool old rusty clamp in the coop, I kind of like it.

And we have nest boxes blocked off with hard wire to keep the girls out of there until they are ready to lay some eggs:

All ready for action!!

And then there was a nap:

And someone else was sleeping on the job (when do I get a nap?):

The final detail: we build a roost in the chicken run. I'm afraid it might be a little high, only our high flier, Daphne likes it, but then she was in the rafters earlier in the day. I wanted it higher than the ramp platforms, hoping they would stop roosting on them and messing them up so much. We will see. But Luke and I made this while Frank was hanging that light... I think it's pretty clever - it folds up so we can get in and clean and stuff.

Nite, nite, chickens! Sweet dreams!


  1. The coop looks phenomenal! I love the idea of wiring off the nesting boxes until they start laying. I will have to do this too, as my girls have taken to napping in them.

    Your hens look great, and they appear to really enjoy the posh digs!

    Love it!

  2. This is, excuse the expression, the cat's meow;O) Lucky City Chicks have never had it so good. Beautiful accommodations!!

  3. I have loved following this little story along...glad to see them finally in their home, and what a home it is! Gorgeous!
    And flag bunting too!!
    Now what are you going to do with all your spare time? Ha, Ha!

  4. Wow! Those little chicks of yours have a wonderful home! You did a great job, Pam!

  5. That is the cutest chicken coop ever! (and it matches your blog :)
    amy @

  6. Congrats! Your coop looks amazing! I bet the girls love it to pieces. I too may wire off the nesting boxes for a few months. Great idea!

  7. Yeah!!! I'd be pretty happy to live in there - it might even cause me to lay a few eggs! lol Great job!

    Patty from