Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have I Told You Lately.... much I hate making and hanging doors? Seriously, annoyed, hours wasted, and coop not done. Also, I'm not thrilled with my roost/poop board. Especially now that I see it through the door/window that was supposed to be so cute. So. Now what? We'll figure it out.

So close, but we didn't make it happen this weekend: the chickens are still in the house.


  1. Now you're really scaring me with this door talk. I've got to make four of them in total for mine, and I've only even framed 3.

    Ineresting idea for the poop board, raising it up like that. I never would have thought of that. My fear is that the chickens will roost and play on that instead of their roost.

    Lastly, at least you got work done on your coop, mine is still sitting there. At least I built a tractor/ark so they've been outside most days!

  2. The poop board idea came from BYC site, but also, this poop hammock idea:

    I worry about the sitting on the board part too - I've seen where some people put a screen between the roost and the board, and I was going to do that, but then decided not to as I was running out of room and didn't want the girls roosting up in the ventilation! LOL

  3. This is the most amazing chicken coop I've ever seen! I discovered your site through the backyard chickens forum, and I'm glad I did.

    Please tell me you're doing the Seattle Tilth's chicken coop tour! This is a work of art, and more of the world needs to see this!