Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Chicken Post

Today I went through the run and totally predator-proofed - I sandwiched the hardwire walls between a second inside board on the bottom and put screws with washers along the top. I also added a second latch to the door, one that closes behind me when I go in. And I added a string to pull from the inside to get out again! I also added a pull cord for the pop door. So... the run is finished, aside from a roost. Though the girls think the new zig-zag chicken ramp is a roost, of course they do!

We also worked some more on the doors. Here's a shot where you can see how complicated my design is. Oh well, we will get it right.

And, sadly, I had a casualty today. My trusty old wagon did not survive the building of the chicken coop. Darnit!

Oh well. The rest of my patio pavers will have to wait until I get a new one. Tomorrow I'm painting the inside of the coop and we have the one more door and then the coop is done! I think...


  1. Too cute! Great pics. And boy you did go all out on that door/window.

    Sorry about your wagon. Looks well loved and used. You deserve a new one for that magnificent coop!

    Oh and it appears you've got the mirror image of my Dot. I've got a Golden Laced and you've likely got a Silver Laced. Very cute! From the looks of it though, it's not smaller than the others like mine and my brothers are. Odd, I swore it was a breed thing.

  2. The chickens look very nice against the aqua!

  3. That is Bellatrix Lestrange, our silver laced - she's a big girl! I can't say who is biggest because they double in size every day at different hours ;) Pippi is my buff orpington and Lulu is our cuckoo maran and our small girl is a week younger and she's a welsummer, Daphne. I think she's a smaller breed - she's fast and smart.

    Yesterday we learned that Daphne is from Holland, Lulu is from France, Pippi is from England, and Bella is American. Really, they all came from the Bothell Feed Store - is that where you got yours?

    Thanks Jenni, I hadn't thought about that when I picked the color, but you are right, what a backdrop!