Tuesday, January 10, 2012

366: Day 10

3 good things: sneaking greens into smoothies, sunshine, and free-range chickens scratching around the yard.

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  1. That looks yummy! I haven't made a green smoothie in a long time. I'm still Paleo and loving it. Did eat some risoto, gluten free pasta, and potatoes in Europe because it was that or starve. As it is, I lost five pounds while I was there.

  2. Fantastic, Maggie! Most people gain 10 when they go on vacation, so you are really at a 15 lb advantage! LOL - we are *mostly* paleo here too, loving it. Had to go buy a new smaller belt yesterday.

    The smoothies still have to be pink or the kid won't drink them, but some spinach or kale mixed in with the berries is a good start :)

  3. Pink is a good color so I completely understand. I used to do greens and bananas I think. I like your way of thinking on the pounds. Congrats on needing a smaller belt. I'm fitting into old clothes that were too snug before my trip.