Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo Magic

So... I've been doing this year-long daily iphone photo thing... have you noticed? It's ok if you haven't, because I have to admit, my own photos are boring my own self to tears. Enough! Today I downloaded some iphone photo apps and things are going to get fun around here... just wait and see! Here are some that I was playing with today while waiting for the kiddo to get done at school:

*NOW* I'm looking forward to tomorrow's photo!


  1. Hi Pam, loving your new photos and apps. Love the light spots on your son...may I ask which app this is? Have seen this done once before and thought it a lot of fun. Love the scratch look, too. I am only just beginning to explore the app world myself..it's fun!

  2. Hi Jenni - thanks :) the spots came from "Instaplus", I also downloaded instagram, PhotoWizard, and two old ones that I love are "Pic Grunger" and "PhotoStudio". Have fun!!