Tuesday, November 01, 2005

L. A. M. E.

That was our Halloween night. I brought the camera but left the media card in my printer - so no pictures even of my little green Power Ranger. We did trick-or-treat at my husband's work and it was so bad. Almost no one put out candy, there were almost no trick-or-treaters, no party like usual, it was really dismal. Then I had to fight traffic to get to drawing class where I had a bum pencil that wouldn't draw right... and Luke and his Dad hit three houses in the hood and had one trick-or-treater hit ours... and that was it.

The only good thing in my eyes was this rhyme Luke learned on his own (from his friends at school) and kept saying over and over - it kept me laughing:

Trick or Treat
Smell my Feet
Give me Something
Sweet to Eat
If you Don't
I don't Care
I'll Pull Down
Your Underwear

Luke was happy at least because he got more candy than last year (how he managed that I don't know - except everyone kept telling him to take 3 since there were no other kids around). Oh, and he got to take extra for saying his rhyme at the neighbors - I think that made their night too.

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