Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Something Magical

Something magical about my new house that I forgot to write about: this summer Luke and I went to tour a home in Edmonds that was next to an elementary school. The location was great, the yard was amazing, the house was even very nice, but it just wasn't "our" house. There was no room for an art studio, it had both formal and informal living and dining areas and I really wanted a greatroom kind of home. And it was priced at the top of our budget, so no money left to build a studio or remodel either. But I loved the yard and spent a moment on the deck looking at all the wonderful gardens... and then I looked over the fence at the neighbor's home. Now THERE was a home and a yard I could fall in love with. It had a covered patio with white twinkle lights strung under the ceiling - and you could see the stone fireplace on the outside, with vines climbing up the house next to it... the old windows with all their panes were sparkling in the sunlight... it was exactly what I was looking for - on the outside anyway. So I said to myself - THAT is the kind of house I would like to find - that house right there would be perfect for me. I would LOVE a house like that. And then we drove away and I forgot all about it... until we were standing outside at the inspection and I was looking over the fence into the neighbor's yard... and then it all clicked.

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  1. that just about makes up for the dry rot and rats, doesn't it?