Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tree Sneak

We got our tree yesterday - we tried to do the cut-your-own, in the beautiful snow, how fun - what a good memory this will make for Luke... but quick - before it starts raining. Except it started raining as soon as we pulled in and the trees were all small and very Charlie Brown and Luke was walking next to me all bundled up with his teeth chattering and after searching around for a good half hour looking for the lot of Noble Firs (can't have been that area with the 2 foot tall trees!?), with my hair dripping water into my eyes, I called it off - said let's go to Home Depot and get a nice tree for half the price of one of these sad trees. And that's what we did - we found a tree in less than five minutes, and five minutes later were on our way home to put it in the house.

Of course Luke wanted the lights on it five minutes later, but that did not happen. Frank decided to take a nap and let the tree relax. Luke just couldn't understand the concept and kept bugging me to decorate it. After a gazillion "No!"'s, he finally seemed to stop asking. And when I came up from the basement after sorting through the Christmas ornaments, I saw why. He decided to get busy all by himself. Here he his, caught in the act.

(Notice my stark white walls - I've been looking at too many home decorating magazines and books and decided to take down all my art and do a "coordinated decor" for the holidays - something simple and natural that is clean and fresh and open and welcoming so that the house wouldn't feel too small when people came to look at it and buy it... (and also because adding holiday colors proved too much to my already colorful decor), but so far the only result I've achieved is bare and cold and discombobulated. Part of my couch is now in my office, art is floating around in the guest room, and I have no idea what to do to make it right. I hope no one calls to see the house today.)

And here is a great link I found - the public can submit digital photos to the news and they post them - there are some great shots of mostly local sunsets and sunrises and the moon, etc.: Komo TV Weather Shots.

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