Friday, December 30, 2005


will this never end??? The other holiday tradition I'd forgotten about because I've been lucky enough to avoid it the past couple of years. The one where I get sick as soon as Christmas is over. This year it's a flu thing that seems to change symptoms every other day - I'm on day 5 now... what will it bring today? I feel like I'm wasting valuable vacation time not getting the new house ready - there is so much work to do there. At least I'm getting some good reading in. Danny Gregory wrote a new book and I'm enjoying it - it's called The Creative License. And then there is a strange but good book called Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman that I'm almost through. I want to paint though... There are some trees and some houses and some birds and some hearts that are calling out to be created - but... ug, it takes all I have just to hold a book up and turn the page every so often. Oh and I signed up for that new Live Journal Embodiment journal project. I'm looking forward to it. Must get well so I can get out and find a new blank journal before the new year.

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