Friday, April 14, 2006

This Week, Or, TGIF

This has been a rough week, preparing the taxes by myself because Frank wanted to save some money this year was the final straw (yes, paying for two houses for going on 6 months has taken it's toll) - pushing me over the edge from my very precarious foothold of holding on... turning me into a thoroughly burned-out mess. It's been awful. My hair is falling out again and I've forgotten how to smile. I'm still trying to drag myself back up... but it's going to take awhile because I just don't bounce back like I used to. If I'd only known the house was going to be sold, and that Luke was going to be on vacation this week... if I'd only known a little bit sooner, I'd have scheduled that vacation to a warm beach - even if it was just Florida with the in-laws (which means not really on the beach and waking up with the sound of waves crashing, but driving distance to it, still very nice) - some sunshine and heat, laying by the pool and playing in the sand... it's what I really, really need, and probably the only thing that would have saved me from myself. But it's not to be... I'll have to do it the hard way, as usual.

There have been good and funny things that have happened this week, though they mostly involve Frank and Luke. Like the day I couldn't find a smile and asked Luke to name his 5 most favorite things for me, hoping he had the power to raise my vibrations for me. His list did me good:

1. I love my dogs.
2. I love my cats.
3. I love my family.
4. Chocolate Milkshakes.
5. Cherries.

We also went to our little old-fashioned movie theater downtown in Edmonds to see Ice Age 2 on opening weekend - it was fun - great theater, I'm happy we have it, so much nicer than the big loud ones they build now. Cash only though - will have to remember that next time.

Frank finally found the right parts, got them ordered, and has fixed my oxy-con. Everything is working again there - except of course it's there and I'm here and we will be packing it all up shortly anyway... so I'm not sure there are many glass beads in my future for awhile anyway.

Frank and Luke went and got hair cuts while I was at art class and somehow came home with purple (Frank) and green (Luke) hair. And Luke talked his dad into letting him paint his fingernails for him so they could have matching nails. All kinds of blues and purples with sparkles. Yes, they look like a couple of freaks. That's my family. Of course I don't have a photograph. That would have been priceless. I'm sure it will happen again someday. After all, Frank went to work with green hair today. Yes, he's 40 something, going on 14. Happy though, that's something, right?

And then yesterday seemed to be the best day in the forecast. It only said clouds all day and rain in the evening... all the other days said rain, rain, rain. So Luke and I loaded up and drove an hour and a half into progressively harder and harder rains... in denial, I tell you, because we were looking for fun and beauty - it was our main objective - had to find something beautiful to make me happy... something fun to make Luke's vacation a vacation... and the rain just kept coming down... cold rain... windy rain. Really miserable wintery rain, not at all warm happy spring rain. Not the kind of rain you can ignore when you are wanting to tiptoe through the tulips. Not frolicking in the tulips taking beautiful pictures kind of rain at all. Especially if you left your raincoats and umbrellas at home... so we ended up turning around and coming home... driving back out of the rains until we got home where it was only cloudy just like the weather report had promised. But at least we can say we got out of the house and drove in a new direction had an adventure of some sort.

And then the best news of course, is that taxes are done and we are getting an nice little refund back - even after I deduct my tax-preparer's fee, which, let me just say, will be stiff and cost Frank way more than we would have paid our regular accountant. Maybe there's a trip to a warm beach in my near future after all...

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