Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two Cats

I don't think I've written about what's going on in the cats' world here - you knew Amber was in the chimney, and then in the floor, and I think I've said she's out of the floor and under the bed now. Well, she's also in my pj drawer sometimes, and she comes up on the bed and sleeps with us at night, lets us pet her and brush her and she's very happy with this arrangement. She tolerates the dogs if they don't get too close, though she still draws blood from Zoe's nose, but that's only because Zoe won't learn to keep her nose at a safe distance. She's like a vampire though, only coming out after dark and then disappearing again at sunrise. Except this morning - after Frank got up and I was laying there deciding how I was going to face this 'nuther day... she jumped back up and purred and purred and purred (and drooled and drooled). She's getting the hang of being and indoor cat, that's for sure.

Except Tyger's not having any of this extra cat thing. He hates her. Hates that she is on his bed, hates that she gets the attention that should be just his, that she purrs louder than him, that she leaves her fur everywhere, that she's always in the best spot before him. And so he will take a running jump and bomb her on the bed - knocking her off and then duke it out with her under the bed. This happens at least once a night, if not twice.

Sometimes he will also sneak up and surprise all of us and it's not the sweet baby Tyger I know jumping up on the bed with extreme stealth - it's this Wild Tiger with muscles and strength and an iron will and gnashing teeth, with his neck stretched out as long as it is physically possible - looking like the wild mustangs on PBS when they are trying to scare away the competition - snaking, I think it's called. And then I know there is going to be a cat fight right on the bed in front of my face and I have to make them both get off before blood is drawn and it would most likely be mine.

I've been working with Tyger to let him know he still has top-cat-spot in my heart and this morning he jumped up on the bed with me because usually Amber is hidden away in her vampire den by this time of day and so he was surprised this time to find he was not the only cat with this grand idea of extra love in the morning and Amber was the one who started the growling and hissing this time.

Today the new big bed comes. I am thinking it's going to be so comfortable and spacious that there will be plenty of room for two cats - more than enough room - and they will soon get past this bickering and fighting. Well, ok.... but I can dream can't I?

(Update: New bed came. Tyger is thrilled to have old comforter, favorite fleece shirt to lay on, and is happily installed on bed again, though with wary eye out for intruders. This after a month of putting him on the bed only to have him jump off in a huff. Good sign!)

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