Wednesday, June 28, 2006

around and around they go

around and around
they go...
the kids that is,
at the mini bumper cars.
so polite and considerate,
they've been trained well
by parents and preschool
and so only go
in one direction
like a merry go round
not bumping into anyone
except by accident.

i tell my kid
go ahead,
bump into them!
and he looks at me
to see if i'm joking,
deciding i'm not,
he goes for it.

it's fun!
the other kids catch on
and soon they are all bumping
and bouncing around
going in the same direction

i tell my kid
turn around,
go the other way!
so you can see them
when you bump them.

soon it's a mess in there
everyone bumping around
and going
all different directions.

crazy fun!
the kids are not so serious
trying to drive
like grown-ups
now it's kid's play.

luke runs out of tokens
for his ride
and being the good mom
i am,
i run in to give him some more
so he won't loose
his favored black bear car.

i power him up
and he steps on the gas
and bumps into me

it really hurts
and i say "STOP!"
and he doesn't.
he keeps bumping and steering
into me.

my knee twists,
my foot is bruised
and i escape before
i fall on my ass.

it was a very close call,
getting run down
by a laughing
five and a half-year old
riding a black bear bumper car.

laughing still even.
i guess i taught him
too well
the meaning of bumper cars.

or, as they say
what goes around,
comes around.

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