Tuesday, June 27, 2006


a pair of boys
at the edge of the beach
where the breaker rocks lay,
were luring little crabs
with a string
and a paper clip
and some bologna.

they were having the best time
and drawing a crowd.

"oh my god, oh my god, oh my god",
the biggest one would yell
each time he saw a crab
going for the bologna.
and then he would stand up
and turn to the crowd
of smaller boys and girls
and say:
"Everyone be really quiet!"
even though they were all
holding their breath
and wondering what
he was screaming about,
had it bit him?
was it the biggest crab yet?

his friend had the lure
and he had the quick hands
and they worked as a team
with the smaller kids
yelling out
each time they spotted a crab too.
and when the crab was caught
it was put in a bucket
whichever bucket was held out for it,
whoever didn't already have a crab.
my boy got his after he had spotted one
that got away.
and so the next one caught
went in his red bucket.
all the way back
to the beach towels and toys
he sung his new song
"i got a crab, i got a crab,
i got a beeeeeautiful crab".

i asked him
what he was going to do
with his beeeautiful crab.
he said: "I'm gonna eat it."

(i took him out for lobster and steamers instead - it was SUCH a great beach day.)

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