Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh, Varekai!

It was SO good - the best thing we've done in a very long time. Luke's first Cirque Du Soleil Show, my second. Or maybe Luke's second too, as I was pregnant with him for the first. Though this time I got to see his eyes open wide like saucers and hear the gasps and "Whoah!"'s that came from him every time someone flew out of the sky or back up into it. His little hands clapping all on their own, and his announcements that this was a volcano, and that was a lizard... and then an angel, and all the amazement that followed. The colors and textures, the sounds and effects, the action, the bodies. Oh, to own a body that would do the things those bodies are capable of! Amazing, just amazing. And so inspiring.


  1. beautiful images in your blog, and thanks for the link to the circus, I've seen them and loved them. and there is music to listen to at their page! :-)

  2. Varekai is one of my favorites!! I have seen several of the cirque shows and love them all