Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Little Graduate

Yes, I've turned into one of "those" moms - the kind I swore I'd never be. All goo-goo about a preschool graduation... pretty silly stuff really, I admit, but there I was, clicking away with tears in my eyes... proudest mom in the bunch. After all, he has worked so hard these two years - hardly talking when he first started school, to being the kid "with the big imagination who entertained us all with his amazing stories" - learning to ride a bike just so he could raise money for "the sick, sick kids", telling us each day how he helped someone at school in whatever little way he could find to help them, learning songs and numbers, and how to sew, and grow flowers, and swing on the swings without anyone pushing him... Yes, he's come a long way, baby. I can't help but be proud of him.

Here he is at graduation, with his teacher Jessica, who he loves and thinks is beautiful, and with his diploma:

Here he is at the parade:

Here he is on a pony:

Here he is rock climbing. He didn't know what to do, but got half way to the top after just a few false starts... and then he turned to tell his dad that he was all done, asking, what should he do? Dad said "just let go" and so Luke did - he didn't seem to think twice about it, just trusted and went with it - smiling at the suggestion, even giving a thumbs up it looks like, and then he just... let go. And then went flying out over the crowd and slowly, slowly floated down to the ground. (I, of course, practically dropped the camera to see him swinging out in the air on that thing and missed what could have been a really great shot.)

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