Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Call me crazy... or... my goals for 2008:

I’m not one to make resolutions, same reasons as most people who say they don't make them, no need to go into those reasons again. I do have some goals I’d like to meet, or work toward, this year though… and one big crazy idea I’m still thinking over.

The goals are pretty easy, I think. First, I want to have 300 sales on Etsy this year. That means 300 beads. Or just less than 6 beads a week. Sounds totally doable, right? I hope so. Especially since I had almost 50 sales in the last quarter of 2007. I also want to get my work into a gallery in my little town. There are a few to choose from… so hopefully one of them will want me. I’ll give that a try in the spring. And finally, I want to get published in a magazine. Either a tutorial or… just a picture of one of my works… worst case scenario, I’ll buy an ad to put in the back of one. Haha.

Ok and for the way-out-there idea… I was thinking… it was time I did something big. I mean BIG. It’s been awhile since I did something that was really out of my comfort zone... something bigger than me, bigger than my little world I've got carved out for myself. It’s been awhile since I did something small, if I think about it. And it’s way over-due. At one time I thought I’d like to do the Seattle to Portland bike ride – it’s 100 miles… but I don’t think my butt can sit on a bike seat that long… seriously, even with extra padding I’ve earned sitting around on it making beads. That, plus, I think you have to camp in a tent one night after all that bike riding – I really think I’ll be wanting a soft bed and a hot bath.. not a sleeping bag on the ground. And then I thought… what about the 3 day/60 mile walk for breast cancer? But that’s… 3 days. And $2200. And 60 miles. And camping in a tent. For two nights. Again, in a tent?

SO… I’m thinking of walking a marathon. That’s only 26 miles. Maybe 7 or 8 hours of walking. Done in one day… not two, not three… no tent. No big fundraising. No biggie… but still BIG. Still thinking, no commitment yet… but I’m looking at one of these marathons: Alaska’s Midnight Sun Marathon, Victoria, BC, or maybe one of the Hawaii ones. Alaska might be nice because I always wanted to get up there for summer solstice anyway. Crazy? Or about time? Not sure… will decide soon though.

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