Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shiny New Mandrels


I ordered these new mandrels a few weeks ago and they finally arrived yesterday. They are the most beautiful mandrels I've ever gotten, wrapped up pretty in a bow, rounded edges filed down so I don't cut myself taking off the beads... and a great new size I'm very excited about. It's in between the two sizes I use most often: 3/32 and 1/6 - they are 5/64 and are quite possibly the perfect size. I made a bunch of heart beads today on them and they turned out great. Love. Isn't it funny what floats our boats?


  1. Yum--new mandrels. I understand perfectly!

  2. LOL - I got some new bead release too that I have not tried yet. Who ever thought I'd be so happy about a jar of gunky mud?