Saturday, January 26, 2008


Skiing: yesterday was GREAT. Yeah, it was cold, 8 degrees, but the sun was out in full force and the snow was sparkley. And crunchy. That great crunchy noise snow makes when it's really cold. Skiing was great, I found some pretty trails that I was all alone on and I loved it. Luke had a great instructor this time and spent more time standing than sitting. He learned to turn and stop and slowdown some... and we were able to go up together after his lesson and made three more runs. So much fun... except for when he wiped out two kids while their dad was taking their picture. That was not so much fun. Especially when the dad felt the need to lecture ME about keeping a closer rein on my kid. It takes all kinds...

Art Group Meeting: I went, it seemed like a great bunch of women (a few men), very friendly, lots of good energy. Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch demonstrated her encaustic works - so fun looking!!! Her art is beautiful and I think it would be great to take a class with her... except... I really don't need a new medium. And all the supplies and tools that go with it. I will keep telling myself this... I do not need a new medium. But oh, the potential for creative experimentation with encuastics!!

Signage: My favorite organic and natural foods store, PCC Market, is opening in my town this summer! We drove by the sign announcing this wonderful news today. I'm so happy, I've missed it since we moved here.

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