Tuesday, February 12, 2008

365 days of colour: day 43 - Almost Done with the Birds

bird side1

bird side2

I'm SO happy tonight. We got the last of the birds on this morning - the last three boys wanted black birds, I couldn't believe it! But it's ok, they turned out good and it needed a little black and white to balance the clouds. I was thinking the painting needed a heart and so I asked one little girl if she liked hearts - of course she did - and so she and I cut one out and glued it on her bird. Then I brought it back home and worked on the edges two sides are striped, two are dotted. And when Luke got home from school, we added the last details to Luke's bird - the worm hanging from it's beak and the swirls on the bird's belly. All I have left to do it even out the gel coat so it's evenly covered and it will be DONE! I'll get a good front-on picture tomorrow when it's all dry. The colors on these are off - where it looks yellow on the side with the dots it's citrus green, for example.


  1. Pam, What a wonderful creation! Love the fun stripes and polka dots on the sides.


  2. That is so beautiful. And it does look citrus green to me. What a talent to make the kids' work shine! Thank you so much for sharing!