Friday, February 29, 2008

365 days of colour: day 60


sorry, picture from last weekend trip to the zoo. Couldn't manage more than posting an old one after skiing all day - sooo tired. Had a great day skiing though, explored a lot of the mountain, saw the back side of it with it's amazing view, skied harder than I've skied in forever... muscles are burning... I'm going to be so sore tomorrow... but it was fun. Luke got off the bunny trail and rode further up on the high-speed quad even. We found a trail through the woods that connected one trail to another... a long winding trail with lots of bumps and jumps... and then at the end.... oops... a 3 foot drop off to the trail and no time to stop and think, just had to jump.... aaaaah... I made it! Barely... But Luke didn't. He landed in a heap - laughing though... got up and yelled "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" and wants to do it again. We will see....

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