Friday, August 08, 2008

More Summer Fun

holy hock

The hollyhock is blooming, love that thing.

The guitar lessons are going well. I'm learning from David Taub at Next Level Guitar. Luke is taking lessons from me, and Frank is taking lessons from Luke. At the rate things are going, Frank will probably be playing before me and Luke, but that is only because he keeps hogging my guitar. I need to get him one of his own.

Luke's speech therapy is coming along - he's working on "ch" and "j"/"g" and then he's done, all caught up and done with that. Vision therapy is going well too, improvements every week it seems. Several months more of that though, but it's all good.

We were going to take a road trip to Montana to dig for crystal and dino bones this month... but I got cold feet. Or rather, I thought my feet would be too hot. And dry. And dusty. So I pulled a the "I'll miss the dogs too much" card and the next thing you know all our plans have changed. A (gasp) RV is rented, a KOA campground space is booked, and we are off on an All-American Family Vacation. Dogs included. An adventure, for sure. I'm not sure how it happened... but there it is. We are heading to the Oregon Coast. Luke is super excited. He drew this great picture: Frank is driving, I'm cooking something that steams, he's playing a game at the table, the dogs are riding with us happy as... well dogs in an RV could be.

a rv

And right this very minute, we are watching the movie I rented for Frank: "RV". Just to see what we have gotten ourselves into. Haha, it can't be that bad, can it? I'll let you know. Stay tuned.


  1. great! my hub took lessons on his bass guitar from next level!
    we have been looking for a canned ham camper to rent to take gkiddo on beach trip..cant wait to hear how you liked it! happy rv-ing!

  2. Woohoo!! You're gonna have a blast!! Luke will keep the smiles on your face - just remember you're making family memories - can't go wrong doing that! LOL You should take the guitars and have a little jam session around a campfire! LOL