Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're Off!

Two hours packing up the RV, dogs on last... and it starts to pour down buckets of rain as we drive away from the house. Lucky. Seriously feeling lucky. We didn't have to load up in the rain. Even though the forecast calls for rain all week, we are starting out dry.

The dogs are thrilled beyond words. To be included. To come with us. So very exciting! Luke is bouncing off the wall, at least his energy is. Physically, he's strapped in and trying to play it cool.

Here We Go!

Luke and Kesia, happy in the rv

happy dog

That lucky feeling fades as we hit I5, traffic backed up all through the city... and all the way down to Olympia as it turns out. It took us over 3 hours to get through Tacoma. A record, I'm sure, it should have taken one. Three hours of driving a vehicle the size of my living room down the highway in stop and go. Feeling a little "what were we thinking". Not loving this RV thing on the highway, even though Frank is doing a great job driving it.

off to a bad, rainy start

frank driving the rv

Finally, the rain cleared out near Fort Lewis, as did the traffic. Blue skies... feeling a little luck again. Behind schedule though.

The rain lifts

We hit Oregon and cross the Columbia River. It's past the time we had planned on arriving at the site, but it's still not raining... soooo... again, that lucky feeling... Luke is starting to fade, he's lost that excited bouncing off the wall attitude and has started asking, quite regularly, the age old question: "Are we there yet?" and "When are we going to get there?". The dogs are still quite happy to be included in this adventure, though Zoe seems to be getting nervous and if she could talk, I think she would be asking the same questions as Luke. She spent the entire trip standing in that spot between the driver and co-pilot seats.

View from Washington into Oregon

Welcome to Oregon

Oregon looking to Washington

Oregon is beautiful. We see elk, deer, an eagle, Luke says a fox... gorgeous windy roads that go on for a long long time... (No, we are not there yet.) the skies get dark again... not because it's time, but more rain. Astoria... 29 miles... getting close. Rain. Dark. Oh we need gas. Might as well get some ice cream too since the freezer seems to be cold now.

(Astoria looks like a wonderful little town, must make it back there some day to explore properly.)

On the road again... yes, those words are accompanied by music each time...

And then there it is... the KOA sign. Park the RV, get up to find the registration papers, trip over a dog, a kid, kid starts crying, it's way past his bed-time. Past mine too. But oh look, the rain stopped again. Ok good. Luke is not crying, we are all registered. They say no rotties, pit bulls, or dobies. We tell them Zoe is a mutt (she is.) She'd better be good or they will kick us out. She says she will be. And off we head to our spot (C8). Oh, missed Columbia drive, here we go touring the campground at close to midnight, ok, back where we started, try again... there it is. Phew, we've arrived. We may never leave, is how I'm feeling... though... that thought is gone as soon as we lay our heads down on the bed and discover it slopes down. Head lower than feet. Can't sleep this way Darnit. Have to make the bed the other way. Not cool. Not comfortable. Dog kisses. Sigh... it's going to be a long night.

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